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Top 5 Music Production Software

Top 5 Music Production Software

If you looking for Music Production Software so here you get a list of Best and Top Music production software list ,These are best and very popular software for Digital audio workshop or we can use it alll for music making .


1. Fl Studio

World’s Most popular software for music production , song remixing and songs remake. It very much because it very easy to use , very easy to understand it . It Available for window and Mac but also you can get for Android or iphone . It is available free as demo version and also can purchase . It available in three different edition also price have difference. 

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2. Ableton Live 

Ableton live comes in Mac and Windows version. This software is excellent for live  performance, mixing, arranging, and sequencing notes. It has not good interface but its  powerful. Most of the DJs using it as it is on top audio editing software.It provide quality music production . You can get it free for 30 days trial  after you have purchase .

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3. Logic Pro 

Logic Pro  is a Apple gift for the mac users it cames with mac and it has a powerful realistic sound generator . It has  over 50 GB of  sounds. Its easy to use and amazing interface. It is on 3nd rank because it comes  in mac version not windows.

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4. Reason 

Reason  is fully designed for professional sound mastering and qualtiy. It has an ablility to  create realistic sounds but not designed for live performance. It has professional interface but  not easy to use. It comes in windows and mac version.

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5. Cubase 

Cubase Pro condenses almost three decades of Steinberg development into the most cutting-edge DAW anywhere. Used by star producers and musicians for composing, recording, mixing and editing music, Cubase Pro combines outstanding audio quality, intuitive handling and a collection of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools.

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