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Top 10 Best Music Production Software

Top 10 Best Music Production Software

Music – an integral part of our daily lives. In the old days to write a masterpiece was a force of only people with great potential and talent. But times are changing, and in this age of digital technology to create lyrics and everyone can. But making music on the computer, as it may seem at first glance: it is very important to start by choosing the right tool that will not prevent you from awkward interface and will not be cluttered with unnecessary features for you. In this article we will look at the most affordable and high-quality free tools that will help you in this difficult matter. Remember, any software for editing music from this list you can download for free.

1. FL Studio – Fruity Loops

FL Studio – pretty popular virtual studio for the creation and editing of electronic music. His popular “fruit” earned thanks to the intuitive interface and flexible tools with which you can create any difficulty track, make a succulent arrangement and achieve a unique sound! FL Studio supports VST and VST2, can integrate a stand-alone tools, has an excellent library of sounds, effects and plug-ins. And most importantly, this application allows you to create full electronic hits effortlessly cost!

Key benefits of FL Studio:

  • Simple kastomiziruemy interface
  • A huge library of audio effects and virtual musical instruments
  • It supports multiple MIDI input
  • Limitless possibilities for editing audio
  • A huge number of presets for each instrument / effect
  • Excellent sound quality.

FL Studio is good in everything, and this is no exaggeration. This sequencer perfectly suited for creation of songs in electronic styles ranging from hip-hop and dubstep ending. Easy piano roll window and patterns will help you not to bother with the selection of music and tact, and hundreds of presets for any instrument or effect, get rid of the need to turn the clock sliders in the search for a unique sound. The only slight problem fruity loops – not very user-friendly interface, which sometimes can scare novice. But the devil is not so terrible as he is painted, because the program is still one of the top programs to work with sound, and it was with her professionals recommend starting.

Download Here

2. Ableton Live

The Live of Ableton – a powerful software that allows you to easily create songs, remix, mix and perform arrangement. Abletona main feature that distinguishes it from its competitors is the ability to work with audio in real time. Arrangement and Session modes allow the user to immediately record audio and MIDI, apply effects and filters, and in every way to experiment with sound. Support multitrekinga makes it easy to reduce the composition copyrights and create remixes of the highest quality.

Key features of Ableton Live: 

  • User-friendly interface with support of Drag & Drop
  • Library with more than 1500 samples
  • More than 400 loops of various styles
  • The ability to create grooves in real time
  • Support for VST and AU effects
  • Convenient formulations templates.

Ableton Live is quite demanding on system resources, but its functions are paying this deficiency head as Ableton kills one arrow two things: makes it possible to write high quality tracks, and also allows the professional DJ-it and create / mix music in real time! If you want to create high-quality tracks are not sitting out for hours in the settings, you simply need to download a program to create music Ableton!

Download Here

3. Cubase

The Cubase – professional virtual studio from the company Steinberg, one of the leading music software developer. At the moment Cubase rightfully considered to be the most powerful virtual studio on the market, as it has all the necessary tools to create, record, edit, and track information. With an intuitive interface to work in this application is not difficult, and affects the quality of the results of the most sophisticated listener!

The main advantages of the Cubase :

  • Complete tool for audio editing
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Supports all current audio formats, 5.1 and 7.1
  • Support for VSTi plug-ins
  • Low load on the system
  • Convenient intuitive interface.

The Cubase – a great choice for the beginner and the professional. Inexperienced users will appreciate the simple and nezamorochenny interface, and support for third-party plug-ins that allow to achieve unique sound and make a reality of the track of your dreams. Advanced users have access to a flexible tool for precise audio editing, smooth and easy mixing, mastering, and even generate sounds! And most importantly – you can try this wonderful program for creating music absolutely free by downloading it from our website. Currently Kubeys – the best program for writing club music!

Download Here

4. MAGIX Music Maker

MAGIX Music Maker  – a full-fledged recording studio that aims to simplify the process of creating music as much as it could ever be possible. This program to create electronic music contains more than 5000 unique loops and sounds, from which you can create your own mixes and tracks. A set of more than 10 virtual instruments makes it possible to vary the track, add to it, such as a piano or guitar. Speaking of guitar – not in all professional audio editor you will find a precise simulation of an electric guitar!

The main advantages of MAGIX Music Maker :

  • Maximum quality at minimum cost
  • Elementary interface
  • Supports VSTi and VST 2
  • Built-in MIDI Editor
  • Easy recording from an external device
  • The ability to track cars mastering
  • Free Trial

MAGIX Music Maker  is perfect for users who have never worked in editing, because it has a simple and intuitive interface allows you to create complete tracks for a few hours! Want to register a guitar, synthesizer and vocals to your song? Just connect it to your computer, and the program will do for you the rest. No need to bother with setting up inputs and outputs, volume and noise – Medzhiks does everything automatically. For your convenience, Medzhiks can automatically publish the work on YouTube, Bandcamp, and many other resources.

Download Here

5. Mixcraft

Mixcraft – a powerful multitrack recording studio for sound, the main feature of which is the excellent quality of built-in effects. Various filters, samples, virtual instruments can create incredibly professional tracks, make high-quality remixes and perform all work associated with the sound (whether at least voice video) at the highest level. By the way, Mikskraft allows even edit video, which eliminates the need to have a video editor.
The main features of Mixcraft:

  • 22 built-in professional effects
  • 11 built-in VST plug-ins
  • Support for importing loops libraries (including of ACID and Apple GarageBand)
  • Native library of 8,000 loops and samples
  • Supports all modern audio formats
  • Ability to edit video files
  • Free Trial!

Mixcraft is ideal for recording and mixing tracks, as built-in effects results in excellent sound quality. The interface does not create any problems for beginners, though intuitive call it difficult. But even despite this, Mikskraft is a must-have program for anyone who is engaged in music and wants his songs sounded above all praise.

Download Here

6. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition provides a professional set of tools for working with audio files of famous through Adobe, all of which provide excellent quality programs and an emphasis in professionalism. This audio editor is armed with many musicians world-wide and is, in fact, one of the leaders in the market of virtual studios. Simple and user-friendly interface and rich feature set make it possible to create and edit the track in record time, and the quality of the final product is amazing.
Key features of Adobe Audition:

  • It supports all modern audio formats;
  • Multitrack mixing with the ability to edit individual tracks;
  • Many built-in tools for creating and editing audio;
  • Easy removal of sound defects;
  • Supports auto-mastering and flexible configuration automation;
  • Multiband audio converter;
  • Professional 30-band equalizer;
  • The interface is translated into Russian;
  • Free Trial!

Adobe Audition offers unlimited opportunities for audio file editing, and most importantly – a simple interface that allows you to use this program even for beginners. However, the program is created on the principle “easy to learn, difficult to master”. Professional users will also find a lot of interesting and useful for yourself. In general, we can say that Adobe Audition is a core program for users who want to write music professionally.

Download Here


REAPER’s – multi-function digital audio station that allows you to record, to reduce, to carry out serious and editing tracks. It can be called a huge number of native effects and VST instruments One of the advantages of this program. REAPER Developer previously engaged in the development of the world famous media player Winamp, which immediately suggests a product the better.

Main features of REAPER:

  • Supports ASIO, DirectSound and WaveOut;
  • Supports all modern audio formats;
  • Powerful editing tools;
  • High quality sound recording with subsequent post-processing;
  • Kastomiziruemy interface;
  • Easy to use;

REAPER has all the tools you need for high-quality recording and editing sounds. It is safe to say that this program is the most convenient solution for simple editing of sound, whether it be cut / connection tracks, easy processing, imposition of effects, and so on. Due to its small size and modern engine applications, REAPER does not load the system and does not require a powerful computer. And the sound quality will fully satisfy the needs of any professional musician.

Download Here

8. Sound Forge Pro

Sound Forge Pro – one of the most powerful and, at the same time, user-friendly digital audio editors on the market from the world famous manufacturer Sony. This program is the standard-rounder in the world of digital audio editors, because it has a very flexible and powerful tool for handling multimedia files, as well as an intuitive interface. In general, Sound Forge Pro is the perfect choice to create electronic music.

Key features of Sound Forge Pro:

  • Support of all modern multimedia file formats;
  • The ability to edit both audio and video files;
  • More than 25 built-in plug-ins;
  • Support for VST and AU effects;
  • A large library of samples and loops;
  • Constant upgrades from the manufacturer;
  • Free Trial.

Sound Forge Pro is unique in its way audio editor that allows you to carry out any operations with audio in record time, without losing quality. This is a real professional set of tools that allows you to get exactly the sound that you want to the user. Fee is relatively low – the interface, though, and is able to scare the novice, but still not as complicated as some competitors. Support for third-party VST plug-ins and effects of expanding the already rather big base, built-in application and gives a real creative space.

Download Here

9. Virtual DJ Home

Virtual DJ Home – a pretty good audio files editor, aimed mainly at working with sound in real time. Being an indispensable assistant DJ around the world, this program has at its disposal all the necessary tools for working with sound “on the fly”. Virtual DJ supports all audio formats, nice interface with two decks, it allows you to make fashionable scratches, smooth to reduce the track, apply effects, change the bits and more.

Key features of Virtual DJ:

  • It has tools for all traditional methods of information;
  • Broadcast streams online radio;
  • Built-in library of effects and tools for mixing;
  • Excellent imitation vinyl;
  • Function Automix tracks;
  • Store up to 9 key positions in the track;
  • It has a flexible interface kastomiziruemym;
  • The ability to input from external media.

Virtual DJ is essential for any DJ: both beginners and professionals. Beginners will appreciate the convenient and simple interface and Automix function to quickly understand all the intricacies of this case. Experienced DJs also have access to a handy tool that lets you create up to nine points in the track, to change a bit, apply effects like flanger, chorus and many others. With convenient input from external media the user can easily supplement your library of tracks and change it when necessary, and the playback function of recording on CD / DVD or digital media transmission give the opportunity to listen any of your mix, and do not lose it.

Download Here

10. Audacity

Audacity is a professional tool, with which you can record audio and edit all kinds of audio. The editor has the sound recording function through the microphone and line input for other sources, as well as the ability to apply effects to certain compositions.

Features Audacity

  • Excellent audio editor
  • Height adjustment of audio tones
  • Import and export formats wav, aiff
  • Working with the ogg vorbis
  • Lame Encoder allows you to export audio format mp3
  • The presence of the volume indicators
  • Suppressing static noise when recording sound.
  • Good optimization of your sound card
  • Orientation in ogg format
  • Editing aiff, au, ogg vorbis
  • Custom effects
  • Support channel line, as the other input sources
  • Download audacity is free.

Download Here

This is a list of the most popular and high-quality programs to create music at home. There are other virtual studio, for example Darkwave Studio, Traktor Pro, Presonus Studio One, n-Track Studio and many others, but they are much more highly specialized tools, or have certain disadvantages compared with the presented list, which prevent them from becoming more popular and gain people’s love. We sincerely hope that this article has helped you to find exactly what you need and wish success!

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