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Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe Remix DJ ZETN Flp Free Download

Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe Remix DJ ZETN Flp Free Download

Here again we are sharing an other Hindi Song Remix FLP. This flp created  by Zetn Ahmed .The flp size is approx. 61MB . But you will get all Samples files and FLP file in it. You can see these errors” There was an error sending the settings to the vst plugin “reFX Nexus”. The settings have not been loaded ” Then you have to replace the VST plugin with other Plugin . Otherwise you will not get Sound from that Channel . And if you found any sample missing that also you have to replace With other Samples.

You Will Get a ZIP file of this FLP project so You will no need to extract it just Simply open it with fl studio. And your Project will load within Second .

The FLp (Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe Remix DJ ZETN Flp ) only for learning and educational Purpose don’t re-edit and re-upload it anywhere else.If you like it then don’t forget to share it.

With the help of these project files, you can study the arrangement, the sound design, the mixing and mastering and even things like automation and effects of each project file.

Password : dzflp002free

Download FLP Here

Included Files

Downlifter 02.wav
DZ FLP 0.1.2 – Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe ( Free FLP) – DJ ZETN.flp
edm-snare-29.wav edm-snare-38.wav
Organity Kick.wav Reverse Up.wav
Uplifter 05.wav
Uplifter Snare Roll 4Step.wav
VDE2 128BPM Commerce Kit 2 Cuts Root C#.wav
VEDM Clap 025 -19ms.wav
VEDM Clap 026 -15ms.wav
VEE2 FX 034.wav VEH3 Fill Ins 128BPM 052.wav
VEH3 Fill Ins 128BPM 062.wav
VEH3 Fill Ins 128BPM 084.wav
VEH3 Fill Ins 128BPM 085.wav
VEH3 Snares 048.wav
VES1 FX Boom 021.wav
VES1 FX Uplifter 013.wav
VWB1 Claps 003 -5ms.wav

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