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Jimmy Choo Fazilpuria Remix DJ BKy FLP

Jimmy Choo Fazilpuria Remix DJ BKy FLP

Dj BKY ray Sharing free Remix FLP project of Jimmy Choo original by Fazilpuria . The FLP size is aprox 120 MB ..Yes it’s really big but as it’s big you will Big Surprie and you will Get All sample file and Even Edited song . The flp created in fl studio 12 so you will need fl studio 12 or above version of FLp Studio .You will need some extra plugin to open it and use it completely .These plugins : nexus , Tracks3 , Kickstart -64bit .

This FLP only use for learning purpose .So don’t edit and reupload it anywhere else . if you want to use it for your Own remix then don’t forget to give credit to DJ BKY .

Download Here

Included Files

Jimmy Choo.flp Up Effect.wav
VEE3 Downlifter 27.wav
VMH2 FX Sounds 021.wav
VES2 FX Downlifter 02.wav
VES2 FX Uplifter 17.wav
VEE3 Impact 01.wav
Arabic Belly Dancing Music.wav
VEE3 Impact 39.wav
VEH1 Reverse – 30.wav
Arabic Belly Dancing Music_2.wav
var5 wav Bu .mp3
oy.mp3 VDUB1 Clap 034.wav
VEE3 Ride 28.wav
SFX Cym Noisy.wav Owuaa.wav
VDE3 130 BPM Sunrise Oneshot Ride.wav
mhak kick 210 G#.wav
VEE2 FX 034.wav
1_kick.wav LSE Snare 9.wav
Snare FX.wav
DJ BKy Voise tag mp3
Clap Basic.wav
VES2 Claps & Snares 011.wav
VDE3 128 BPM Together Oneshot Kick.wav
Vocal by DJ Biswajit (9).wav
Side Kick.wav
tom_10s.wav Side Kick_2.wav
Snare Basic.wav tom.wav
Hat Basic.wav
Pap Clap.wav

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