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In The Mix Sample Pack Vol 1 zip Free Download

In The Mix Sample Pack Vol 1 zip Free Download

Now days not easy to find a best and high quality free sample pack for your music production . But  In The Mix (Youtube Channel) Share a free high quality sample pack For FL studio but you can use it in any DAW software that support WAV Format files. SO if you are looking for High quality free samples pack then here it is download it for Free .

The pack size is aprox. 156 mb Yes! it Huge sample pack you will get Electronic Drums , Loops ,Real drums and SFX. If you will like this Pack Don’t forget to share and Follow In The Mix on facebook , youtube and twitter.

 Download Here

Incluede Files

ITM Clap.wav ITM Attack Stab.wav ITM Saw Stab.wav ITM Bass Crush.wav ITM Harp Drive.wav ITM Drum Fill 2.wav ITM Drum Fill 1.wav ITM Real Snare 2.wav ITM Click.wav ITM Cymbal.wav ITM Rim.wav ITM Riser 1.wav

ITM Rev 6.wav ITM Kick 6.wav ITM Snare 6.wav ITM Snare 5.wav ITM Kick 7.wav ITM 808 Deep.wav ITM Rev 5.wav ITM Rev 4.wav ITM Rev 3.wav ITM Rev 2.wav ITM Rev 1.wav ITM Mid Pulse 120.wav ITM HH 4.wav ITM Snare 4.wav ITM Snare 3.wav ITM Snare 2.wav ITM HH 3.wav ITM HH 2.wav ITM OH.wav ITM Mid Pulse 2 120.wav ITM Bass Pulse 100.wav

ITM Deep Loop 120.wav ITM Bass Pulse Sat 120.wav ITM Bass Pulse 120.wav HYBRID- Nowhere Near Ambience – Special.wav ITM Ominous Bass 120.wav ITM Guitar 120_4.wav ITM Guitar 120_3.wav ITM Guitar 120_2.wav ITM Guitar 120 _1.wav

ITM Shaker 2.wav ITM Snare 1.wav ITM Kick 5.wav ITM Snare 7.wav ITM Kick 4.wav ITM HH 1.wav ITM Shaker 1.wav ITM HH 5.wav ITM Kick 3.wav ITM Kick 2.wav ITM Kick 1.wav ITM Glock 3.wav ITM Harp Tap.wav ITM Glocicwav ITM Glock 2.wav

ITM Intense Shakers 120.wav ITM Tribal Drums 120.wav ITM Riser 4.wav ITM Riser 2.wav ITM Riser 3.wav ITM Crash.wav ITM OH.wav ITM CH.wav ITM HH.wav

Here We Share Sample Loops Free That All Are Free Of Cost Also You Can Use It For Ur Music Production Or Commercial Music Production And Song Remixing You Will Get Here Many Sample Pack Free Drum Loops For Fl Studio , Free Sample Packs , Free Sample Kits ,Fl Studio Sample Packs House ,Fruity Loops Sound Packs

All Free Bass Samples Are Available To Download 100% Royalty Free For Use In Your Music Production Or Sound Design Project And It’s Works With All DAW Software Including Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Reason, Sonar, FL Studio, Garageband, And Some More.PC And Mac Compatible.If You Will Like It Then Don’t Forget To Share It .Checkout Our Free Sample Category Also.

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