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Free Audio Player Audio Editor Music Production Software

Free Audio Player Audio Editor Music Production Software

Here you can find the best free music programs and software for audio editing – playing MP3s & Co., recording, arranging, mixing and mastering as well as for music editing , converting and more. These programs for Windows, Mac OS and Linux offer commercial Use also.

The term “music program” is diffuse, so we illuminate a wide range of free music software – on the one hand, for playing and managing, on the other hand for recording, editing and arranging. All presented programs work under Windows , Three of which also support Mac OS  And two even Linux.

Resonic – Best Free Audio Player

This young audio player is nimble, after the initial installation is portable and resource-conserving. However, some advanced features are offered – especially for musicians, producers, sound designers & co. First of all, the waveform representation, which is usually found in audio editors and DAWs. Loops can also be created quickly, and when you switch to the next audio file, playback can be continued seamlessly at the same time stamp.

The concept is directory-based, similar to the free player » 1by1 «. So you have a) left a directory tree for navigation and b) in the lower right always the current directory with all further audio files contained in it. Perfect for fast browsing of sample collections without ever having to create or update playlists.

The inviting interface is clever in many places, for example the mouse wheel is context-dependent – depending on where the mouse pointer is, another function is triggered (scrolling through the directory tree, volume control, etc.) without activating the corresponding section by clicking on it got to.

Download Here

Audacity – Best free Audio Editor

What do you do with this music program? Free on a PC, Mac, or Linux to make recordings (even multi-lane), trim them, fade in and out, remove noise and other noise, use audio effects, and much more. The software offers all the basic functions for recording or importing, editing and exporting audio files.

By default, you can import / export WAV, AIFF, AU, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis formats. The import and export of MP2, MP3, AC3, M4A / M4R (AAC) and WMA are possible via separately downloadable additional components.

The included effects include normalization, pitch and speed change, equalizer, filter, compressor, echo and reverb, phaser, and more. Of course you can also use so-called audio plugins (see link at the bottom). VST, AU, LADSPA and Nyquist formats are allowed. Analysis tools such as a spectrogram are also included. With the batch processing you can automate the processes and apply to any number of audio files in one go. Class!

Download Here

Studio One Prime – Free Best DAW Software

If you want to have a music program for recording, arranging and mixing, Studio One Prime should try. Unlike many Light versions of commercial programs of this kind, the number of audio and MIDI tracks is unlimited. All core functions and various extras are also included, while the fine grinding of the graphic surface and the comfortable operation are to be praised.

For guitarists or bass players, virtual equivalents of a tuner, a guitar amplifier and a distortion are available. In addition, the effects Echo and Hall, which is also interesting for all other genres, are a kind of channel strip of a mixer (»Channel Strip«) as well as flangers and phases. Finally, a software sampler is on board.

One disadvantage of this program must not be ignored by all ambitious, experimental users: no effects and instruments from third-party producers (“plugins”) can be used.

Download Here

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