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Emotional Orchestral Hip Hop FLP Fl Studio 10

Emotional Orchestral Hip Hop FLP Fl Studio 10

Here we share an other great FLP Project . Nueva Beatz Offering a free Emotional Orchestral Hip Hop FLP .Very heart touching music created by Nueva Beatz  . YOu can use is for your personal use aur commercial use but you have to give credit to Nueva Beatz .The FLP pack size is aprox .38 mB. you will get 1 FLP file and other Sample File .This FLP file created in FL studio 10 So you will need Fl studio 10 or above version to open it .

In this FLP used Nexus Plugin if you don’t have nexus Plguin then You can replace  it with other Plugin. Bellow Download FLp project it will You get in Rar Format or Zip Format You Have use Winrar or simply Unzip It And Enjoy .

Download FLP

Emotional Orchestral Hip Hop FLP Fl Studio 10

Include Files

Crowd-Yellingivawav Default.wav
Evolving Amb 05.wav
FLS Crash 01a.wav
FLS Crash 01b.wav
FLS Clap 04.wav FLS_Hatop 01.way
FLS Kick 01.wav
FLS Ride 01b.wav FLS_TomN 01.wav
11_ – Clap (4).wav
11_ – Reverse Crash (1).wav
Kick 6.wav MIXO_A_3(L)ogg.wav
Noise & Sweeps (9).wav
Perc 2.wav
Perc 3.wav Reeeverse_[fx].wav Rim 2.wav
SFX Factor 2.wav Shaker 4.wav
Sound Fx 3.wav
STR_Morg_C2.wav tino x3.flp
TSB CLAP (3).wav
TSB HAT C (1).wav
TSB HAT 0 (3).wav
TSB KICK (1).wav
TSB SNARE (1).wav
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 001.wav
VDUB2 Crash 06.wav
VDUB2 Open Hihat 028.wav
VDUB2 Reverse Crash 02.wav
VDUB2 Reverse Crash 07.wav
VDUB2 Reverse Crash 24.wav
VDUB2 Reverse Crash 29.wav
VDUB2 Uplifter 01.wav
VEE3 Noise & Sweep 19.wav
Vocal_Aii.wav Wow Jvc].wav

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