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Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi Bollywood Remix FLP Song Acapella

Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi Bollywood Remix FLP  Song Acapella

If You are looking for professional Bollywood Remix song that remixed in FL studio and you want Full Free FLP of that Song Your wait is over here we share Remix FLp of Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi Bollywood Song + Acapella . The FLP project provided by Bollywood Ghosts . The FLP size is aprox. 86mb . as we said it Full remix flp . YOu will Get All samples that Used In This FLP . But you need some third party VST plugins to open it and use . If you Don’t have these plungs So simply Replace them With Another VST plugins.

It you will Like this FLP Then don’t forget to Subscribe Bollywood Ghosts and share it. Bellow you Will get Download Page Link There you can download it for Free. You will Get ZIP file of this FLP so you will No Need to Extract it Simply open FL studio And open This ZIP File.

Download Here

Included File

ED FX 27.wav
ED2 FX 16.wav
ED2 FX 21.wav
Uplifter Roll..wav
VDE3 128 BPM Angel Oneshot Clap.wav
VDE3 128 BPM Miami Oneshot FX Snare 2.wav
VDE3 128 BPM Pop Oneshot FX Snare.wav
VDE3 128 BPM Swedish Oneshot Perc.wav
VDE3 128 BPM Together Oneshot Kick.wav
VDE3 128 BPM Unity Oneshot Clap.wav
VDE3 130 BPM Sunrise Oneshot Perc.wav
VDE3 130 BPM Sunrise Oneshot Ride.wav
VEE3 Downlifter 10.wav
VEE3 Uplifter 05.wav
VEH1 House Loop – 115.wav
VEH1 Reverse – 30.wav
VEH1 Reverse Cymbal – 12.wav
VEH3 Fill Ins 128BPM 052.wav
VES1 FX Boom 011.wav

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Note :- You can see these errors” There was an error sending the settings to the vst plugin “reFX Nexus”. The settings have not been loaded ” Then you have to replace the VST plugin with other Plugin . Otherwise you will not get Sound from that Channel . And if you found any sample missing that also you have to replace With other Samples.

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